Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Level 1000 + 140 Chests

24.99 $

Here you get an Unlock All for your own account for Call-of-Duty Black Ops3!
Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Unlock All + Level 1000 & 140 Chests



Multiplayer Content: 

Level 1000
1x Dilling + Threesome
Rare supplies
Prestige Master
All specialists on gold
All camouflage incl. Dark Matter
All business cards unlocked
All weapons max Prestige

Rare Chests:

1x triplet
1x stealth bribe
1x Ranged combat bribe
1x bribe
7x melee weapons
7x ranged weapons
20x duplicate free crates
80x Bundle Chests

You only get everything if the challenges are not completed!

Delivery time:
1-24 hours


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